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We Are Lake Superior Solar Installers

The team at Lake Superior Solar is committed to being the cornerstone in Minnesota communities, helping residents and businesses find the best solar energy solution for their needs.

We are proud to lead the way toward a more efficient future with innovative ideas, game-changing technology, and transparency. We’ve worked on solar system projects across the U.S. aimed at providing innovative energy solutions that save our clients money.

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Why Choose Us

We care about our clients

Why Lake Superior Solar? The team at lake superior solar is dedicated to taking care of our clients. We are with you every step of the way, assuring you confidence in your solar decisions. Our team prides itself on over 40 years of combined experience in contracting, customer service, & solar brokering, ensuring our clients have the best solar experience possible.   

Save your money

Decrease your monthly utility bill.

Increased home value

Homes with solar energy are worth at least $15,000 more than their neighbors homes.

Solar energy renewable tax credits

Lower your tax obligations with solar tax credits.

reduced carbon emissions

Solar energy is clean energy; it creates no carbon emissions.

Why do we care about the planet and carbon emissions?

The beauty of our environment cannot be taken for granted, and it is time we all do our part to ensure it is sustainable for generations.


Can you afford not to do solar?

We offer amazing financing options that are easy, fast, and simple to qualify and get solar power! Combining that and a 30% federal tax credit means your payments are less than your utility bills, and once paid off, your energy is free for the system’s life.

A 25-year warranty on your solar system ensures a stress-free experience, making this a smart, simple choice. 


What you need to know

Even when covered with snow, solar panels can generate electricity. Sunlight still reaches solar panels through snow and keeps solar cells producing energy. Solar panels’ dark reflective glass accelerates snow melts and it slides off before it hampers performance.

Solar panels are designed to be low maintenance. Your solar panels should work efficiently without a yearly service. You shouldn’t need to pay extra costs for maintenance packages to keep them running well.

Solar power has quickly become the preferred form of new electricity because of solar panels’ lower cost and higher efficiency. Analysts expect solar power to account for almost half of new electricity generation in the U.S. in 2022.

Low-interest loans and other financing options are available for solar system owners. Additionally, federal incentives (such as the solar tax credit) as well as state and local rebates and incentives help lower the cost of going solar.

Solar power is one of the safest and greenest solutions to run your home’s key systems. A few examples are lighting, air conditioners, hot water heaters, thermal heating, ventilation fans and electric appliances.

Some solar-powered hot water systems can heat water to temperatures as high as 140 degrees Celsius. In some areas, this accounts for 60% to 70% of the water people use domestically.

Meet Our Solar Team

George Samartzis- President
Janelle Jones- VP Customer Relations
Steve Gathright - Solar Broker

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